We offer project solutions for any type of position or services needed. Are you looking for a pool of riggers, medics or engineers for a specific period of time? We can help you accomplish your goals in the amount of time given. By outsourcing a ready to go project crew who are used to working together to ORTELIUS, our clients have a flexible and cost-efficient solution and high quality standard for their project. It is exactly this that makes our highest quality service stand out.

Our Last Projects:

  • Full support for the Dredging & Klaipeda Breakwaters reconstruction project provided for Herbosch-Kiere & Depenbrock.
The renovation works mainly involve the coordinated removal of the old rock bed followed by the installation of a new protection layer of rocks of various weights and formats. In total, a quantity of more than 400,000 tons of rock will be installed. Tetrapods weighing 25 tons and concrete cubes weighing up to 40 tons from existing parts of the breakwaters will be reused in the new design. In addition, a new steel combi-wall of sheet piles and tubular poles will also be installed and anchored underwater. 

  • Full project management for Emerald & Scenic Cruises on board Ultra Luxury Yacht’s

Cabin conversion works were done. Production & Installation of shower modules, drain & water supply systems, exhaust systems montage. Interior Outfitting, Design & Engineering, Furniture Production, Refurbishment.

  • Full dismounting works
  • Electrical works
  • Wall preparation and covering
  • Floors(marine polyflor, vinyl installation, wooden floor vanishing)
  • Ceiling works(shifting and montage of sprinkler systems)
  • Furniture (production & installation onboard)
  • Outdoor installation works
  • HVAC(heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • Plumbing(water supply, vacuum drain pipes & vacuum interface unit installation)

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